Author's Note by Stuart McClure
When I first registered the domain way back in 1999, I had no idea how tremendously popular this little red book would go on to become. We had modest expectations then: sell just enough copies to make a mark at Osborne/McGraw-Hill and then maybe get a 2nd edition printed somewhere down the road. Within the first month of its release we had already sold out of the initial run of 10,000 copies and our publisher was scrambling to print more! Today we've sold close to 600,000 copies and the series has been translated into 30 languages worldwide. The most gratifying and humbling aspect of Hacking Exposed's success is the moment when someone enthusiastically says, "Thank you! I owe my security career to you!" The enormous sense of pride that comes with knowing that the book is helping real people solve real problems all over the globe is sometimes all I need to rekindle my passion for this tough industry.
From our modest beginnings writing a column for InfoWorld in 1997, Joel and I parlayed our love for discovering and exposing hacking's best-kept secrets and techniques into a series that has spanned 7 editions over 12 years. It's evolved organically, or maybe metamorphosed is a better term, in order to stay current with all the latest techniques, targets, vectors, sources and secrets of this (not-so-small-anymore) security industry. Over the years we've met countless security writers, some who have provided valuable additions to the book, but we never lost our original expertise, voice and vision. There's no substitute for the original.
Accept NO (L)imitations
When I built the first Hacking Exposed webiste on Nov. 28, 1999 it looked something like this. We gave the visitor a taste of the book and introduced the reader to the esoteric world of cyber security. At the time the website adequately resembled those first HTML tags: simplicity. And while its content represented a minimalistic form, our hearts were pure: to educate and expose you to the world of the bad guys. The book and the website quickly grew to epic proportions including an ever expanding selection of content. Some better than others but always with the hope that our exposure would be your gain in protecting systems and networks from attack.
We hope you will like this latest edition, with expanded and new sections covering Embedded Hacking, Database Hacking, Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), Mobile Hacking and an entire chapter dedicated to Countermeasures!
You may come across imitators to the Hacking Exposed website but nothing will replace the original, the best,
Thank you again for your continued support!
Think Evil, Do Good